FREE eBook: How to Hit Your Driver Like You’ve Always IMAGEN-ed!

Are you a golfer trying to improve? Are you hitting your driver as far and as straight as you would like? Well I have news for you..I’ve just completed a new edition of my FREE eBook: How to Hit Your Driver Like You’ve Always IMAGEN-ed!

In my FREE golf eBook, you will find:

The 1 Simple Tip That Helped My Students Increase Thier Average Drive by Almost 20 Yards!

Learn HOW to Develop Perfect Swing Tempo With A Little Mental Trick That Takes 3 Seconds To Learn and Increases Distance and Accuracy by Over 30%!!!

Understand the FOUR (4) Main Parts of the Golf Swing And Fix Your Swing Flaws Immediately

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By Imagen Golf - Golf Better Guaranteed

Since 2012, Imagen Golf has become one of the fastest-growing providers of golf lessons, premium club fitting, and golf equipment. Operating in more than eight locations across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We pride ourselves on helping people get the golf game they've always imagined. Working with what the student has, we're able to get students to a consistent, repeatable swing that produces results dropping an average of eight strokes from their scorecards. Our coaches leverage leading-edge technology for a fact-based approach to instruction, practice, and club fitting. Imagen's leadership position in golf improvement is augmented by utilizing V1 Video analysis.

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