Swing help needed!

I have a very strong grip and have been told I need to fix it. I also bow my wrist at the top a lot, which leads to a really closed face. I tried fixing it and making it textbook but I just hit everything to the right.

I also swing the left arm really steep and Trackman says my path is left and angle of attack is steeper than tour average, which I’m worried about. I tend to hit low fades, and hear that I can pick up more distance if I switch to a draw shot. 

I also have issues at impact. My back foot comes up early and my body is really open. My mate Dave (18 cap) says I need to be square with my shoulders at impact. 

I also have a weird “laying down” move in my downswing, where the club flattens a lot and the butt of the club ends up pointing outside of the ball-to-target line. I bought that laser training aid that helps you keep the butt of the club pointed towards the ball all the time, but I just hit it worse. 

Regarding performance, I have a two-way miss that is driving me nuts. I hear you should only miss one way. I also am really inconsistent with my driving -I’ll hit fewer than 6/10 drives in the short stuff. I’d like to fix this and hit every single fairway. 

I’m a little better with irons, but I still miss more than 3/10 greens in regulation. Again, I’d like to fix this and hit every one. My proximity to the pin is 33 ft away. When I watch my buddies play on TV, they all hit it to 5ft. I’d also like to do that. It’s interesting though – when I play with them they don’t seem to do the same. Perhaps I’m a poor influence on their games. 

One last thing – my scoring is really inconsistent. One week I will shoot a 61, and then next I follow it with a couple of 80’s. I heard that you should shoot your handicap every time you go out, so I’d like to have this fixed too. Thanks for any swing tips

Dustin Johnson  

P.s. If you haven’t already guessed, it was satire. Just there to make you think about what’s important… or not important.

The above is an accurate representation of Dustin Johnson’s swing and performance. He hits fewer than 6/10 fairways and greens, and followed a 61 one week with two 80s. 

They’re not superhuman – and their swings don’t have to look textbook to win a boatload of cash each year. They’re also no different than you, continue to work on your swing through all the ebbs & flows in the end you’ll be better for it!!!

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