Golf Practice Schedule Template

Are you looking for an example golf practice schedule to follow as a template? (Like this step by step one)

Or maybe you’re looking for validation of how often you should be practicing golf each week to improve your game and make your high school varsity team or college team.

No worries, we’ve heard it all before.

Often through our email community, we get high school golfers seeking a practice schedule to follow to help them improve as well as college golfers who want to make the tournament roster and travel with the team.

There are many different reasons someone could be seeking a golf practice schedule template but let’s give our two cents today that maybe will help you or open your mind to something you hadn’t thought about before.

#1: Golf Practice Frequency

How often should you practice your golf game? Do you really need to be at the course 6 days a week to see big improvements?

From personal experience dropping 30 strokes off my golf score and becoming a single digit golfer, you should aim to practice your golf game at least 3 days per week. Once per week may be good enough but in most cases you’ll just maintain.

To keep moving forward towards that next level, you need lots of repetition and this takes many weeks of consistent effort.

If you practice more than 3 days, you can certainly make faster gains but it can also hurt you if done improperly. This leads us to point #2.

#2: Every Practice Needs to Have Purpose

Someone who builds a golf practice schedule that has them at the course 6 or 7 days per week doesn’t necessarily gain the advantage over someone else following a golf schedule of 2 or 3 days per week.

You’ll only get better if your golf practices are high quality repetitions.

For those wanting to build a 6 day golf practice schedule, I would recommend splitting your days up to keep yourself fresh and avoiding burnout. If you do the same practice routines and drills every day all 6 days, you will get bored.

Example Golf Practice Schedule (6 Days Per Week)

Here is a sample practice schedule:

  • Day 1 (Monday) – Hit 200 Putts from 3 feet to 8 feet. You decide how to break them up for each distance.
  • Day 2 (Tuesday) – Hit 300 Chips from the rough and 100 chips from the fringe. Vary the distances to the holes so you practice chipping to close, middle, and far away holes like you’d face on the course different holes.
  • Day 3 (Wednesday) – Hit 100 balls at the driving range from short irons on up to driver. Work on shot shaping and adjusting trajectory (high and low shots)
  • Day 4 (Thursday) – Hit 30 range balls, 100 putts, 100 chips
  • Day 5 (Friday) – Take the day off
  • Day 6 (Saturday) – 200 Putts, 150 Chips, 100 Pitches/Bunker, 30-50 Range Balls
  • Day 7 (Sunday) – Spend all day on lag putting building speed control from far away on the greens

The thing I learned as a high school athlete playing basketball and golf is that it takes lots of repetition to get good.

You’ll notice how I made the example practice schedule above have things like “200 putts” and “100 chips” You need to decide how to break down these reps to fit your game’s needs. If you struggle with long chip shots aka pitch shots, then focus most of the reps there for awhile until you improve. Then move to a new area of chipping like the flop shot.

Why so many reps? Does it really matter?


I knew if I would putt 200-400 times per day and chip 200-400 times per day for several months, I could quickly become great at golf and catch up to those who had been playing for many years.

And this is exactly what happened. I dropped my score from 120+ as a 25 year old rookie to low 70’s by age 26 a year later.

Overall the key takeaways today when you start building your golf practice schedule:

  1. Having a schedule is important to keep you on task and it gives you structure to follow so you can practice with purpose and not random uncontrolled practice.
  2. Make sure you treat it like Michael Jordan treated basketball. Get 200-300 putts per day and 200-300 chips per day if you’re trying to get better fast
  3. If you’re a casual weekend golfer, load up on the repetitions in just a few days work on the weekend
  4. Mix up your practice routines if you’re going to go everyday so you don’t burnout and get bored
  5. Allow some flexibility in your golf practice schedule template. It will keep it more fun and not feel like a job.
  6. If golf practice starts feeling like a job and your dragging your feet about going and putting in the work, then you need to re adjust your practice schedule and routine. Everyday you should be excited to practice and have that inner drive that leaves no question about “should I go today or not?”
  7. Have fun!!!

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