3 Best Golf Drills for Beginners

Alright, you’ve taken a lesson or two and now you need to go to the driving range and practice.  I started thinking about where I would put the most focus if I was brand new to the game of golf. As a result I came up with 3 golf drills for beginners that I’d start with if you’re new to the game of golf or looking to get back to the basics.

Simply going to the driving range without a plan and banging out a bucket of balls will do you more harm than good.

Each of these golf drills for beginners covers a different area of the game. For example, the first golf drill for beginners focuses on the driving range while the other golf drills focuses on chipping and putting.


Golf Drills for Beginners: Part 1 – The Driving Range

The first golf drill is a simple driving range drill that I think will have the biggest impact on the overall performance of your golf swing. This first skill you need to master as a beginner is aligning your stance to your target properly so that you are aiming correctly at your target.

Step 1: Pick a target you want to hit your golf ball to

Step 2: Set your ball on the ground and go through your pre-shot routine, setting up to the golf ball and configuring your stance

Step 3: Take your iron (golf club) or alignment stick and lay it down on the ground so that it touches the tips of both of your shoes to mark the spot your feet were aligned to.

Step 4: Take a second golf club or alignment stick and lay it down next to the golf ball, parallel to your alignment golf club that is marking where your feet were positioned

Step 5: Step back and look down the range at your target while also looking at the clubs or alignment sticks to see where they are pointing

The goal here is to see how well you naturally align yourself to your target. If you step back and notice the clubs or alignment sticks aren’t pointing at your target, then you have an alignment issue that needs work. Repeat this drill a few times to gather data and see how accurately you are aligning your stance to your target.

Many beginner golfers have poor alignment yet think they are properly aligned towards their intended target. Then they wonder why their ball went left or right of their target, unbeknownst to them it was because they were aligned in that direction and actually hit it fairly straight.

Variation of this Drill:

Step 1: Grab two golf clubs out of your bag you can lay on the ground.

Step 2: Lay one golf club down so that it points at your intended target on the driving range that you’ll be hitting the ball at.

Step 3: Lay down the other golf club parallel to the first club but leave space in between the two clubs for setting the golf ball.

Step 4: Set up to the ball and take a look at the target so you can get in sync with what proper alignment feels like and looks like from a visual standpoint.

Step 5: Take a step back, reset, and start over setting up to the ball again until you’ve ingrained the process into your mind and gotten comfortable with what proper alignment looks like when you look out at the target.

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About the author: Daniel Guest is a Titleist Certified Golf Instructor and partner at IMAGEN Golf.  He is a frequent contributor to various industry publications.



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