Here is Today's Tip... Better Wedge Game Practice

Few weekend golfers practice hitting wedges at less than full distances.

Daniel Guest,Contributor

However, you face those shots all the time on the course. Here's how to practice better.

Pick three awkward distances — 30, 50 and 70 yards… for instance and then take your first wedge and hit seven balls with a half swing and then seven balls with a quarter swing at each target. Chart or write down your yardages for each set. Do this for every wedge you have in your bag, you can even use your 9 iron for the longer distances.

You'll notice immediately that the distances of the quarter and half swing are very consistent for each club. For example your full swing sand wedge is 80 yards, your half swing is 40 yards and your quarter swing is 20 yards. Your pitching wedge is 100, 50, 25 and your lob wedge is 60, 30 and 15 yards respectively. Each club will also have a distinctively different and consistent ball flight and stopping power.

Give yourself a point for each ball that lands within what you consider an acceptable distance — perhaps 20 to 30 feet. Whatever you score, try to beat that number the next day, with the perfect score of 21.

I guarantee if you do this a couple of days in a row then mix a short game practice into your routine at least once a week for a month, you will be stunned at the results on the course.

This is Golf as You've Always Imagined!

Daniel is the Head of Golf Instruction at IMAGEN Golf the area's leading golf instruction and advisory firm and Best-Selling Author of "Unleash The Golfer Within".

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