Know Your Carry Distance

Tour players are a different breed.

They wake up every morning thinking about how they can shoot lower scores, and their practice and training regimens are on par with the highest performing athletes in the world.

Not everything they do is complicated though. For example, every tour player out there knows the exact carry distance of each club in their bag. They monitor this constantly and many keep a simple laminated chart in their notepad for reference.

The question is… do you know these numbers? If you're like most amateur golfers the honest answer is no and your game is likely suffering because of it.

Knowing your carry distances can go a long way toward improving your confidence and hitting great shots in high-pressure situations. Instead of second-guessing your club selection, you can zero in on executing the task at hand to the best of your ability.

Here are a few tips to help you get your carry distances dialed in:

Track your distances on the course. The first step in learning your carry distances is data collection, and the best place to do this is on the golf course during a round. The driving range is great for warming up and working on your swing, but when it comes to tracking distance I've found that you get much more accurate readings on the course. Most range balls just don't fly like real ones. Keep a notepad with you and record the carry distance of each shot that you hit is as accurate as possible.

Create a quick chart. I've build mine using a simple spreadsheet on my computer, but you can make it even easier by drawing one up with a pen and paper. Once you've got it completed just run it through the laminator, trim it down to size, and attach it to your golf bag for quick reference.

Never stop updating. The first distance chart you create doesn't have to be perfect. I create a new one every few months, and I'm always tracking my performance to see if I'm gaining or losing yards with each club.

When you've got your carry distances committed to an easily accessible guide on your golf bag you'll be amazed at how much more you can focus your mind on actually executing each shot instead of trying to calculate which club to use.

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Daniel is the Head of Golf Instruction at IMAGEN Golf and Best Selling Author of "Unleash The Golfer Within".


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