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If you are a female beginner golfer looking for a set of clubs, there is plenty to consider beforeyour purchase. First, there are a number of similarities between women and men when choosing new clubs.

Beginning golfers should decide how much they are willing to invest in the game, both in time and money. Golf can be an expensive game, with purchasing golf clubs definitely among those expenses......

ladies golf clinic doylestown pa

As a beginner, there are several things you have to learn about golf. No matter where you play, these basics remain the same. Once you get a hang of these basic tips you will be able to play
better and score lower in no time. One of the most important steps for improving your golf game is to have a smooth effortless golf swing.

The most important part of playing golf is to have fun and having a steady and reliable golfswing will help you enjoy the game more.

ladies golf clinic doylestown pa

Bend at the Hips

At times, beginning women golfers tend to bend at their knees rather than tilttheir body at their hips.

Bending at the knees ruins proper posture, and saps the swing of power.

Bending at the hips creates an athletic stance that pushes your rear and shoulder blades back, creating room for the swing and enhancing balance.