• Lie on your side with both hips and knees bent to the 90°/90° position, a pillow/towel stack between your knees, and a pillow supporting your head and neck.
  • Place both hands together in front of your chest (Picture A).
  • Inhale, then, slowly exhale as you rotate your upper torso back and reach one arm behind you as far as possible.
  • As you rotate, be sure to maintaining a stable pelvis, hips and leg position, until you feel a comfortable stretch in your chest, shoulder, spine and/or hips regions (Picture B).
  • Hold this gentle stretch position for one full swing visualization OR – until you feel a complete melting/softening of the initial stretch.
  • As the stretch feeling gradually releases, you may be able to rotate your upper torso back farther into a new stretch position.
  • You may also perform this same stretch by placing one hand behind your neck and then rotate back.
  • Repeat 1-3 times per day for both sides as needed.


  • Releases tightness in your chest, shoulder, spine and hips.
  • Improves rotation mobility potential in your spine and hips during the full golf swing.
  • Reduces strain and injury potential in your spine, hips and shoulders during the complete golf swing.