The Importance of a Proper Grip

Today, let’s take you back to the fundamentals of the golf swing and talk about how to properly grip the golf club so you can rip more drives down the fairway with accuracy. Sound good?

These tips will also help you correct your slice and instead draw the ball so you can add distance that had been lost from slicing.

The three major components of the golf grip:

  • Grip placement in the palm of your hand
  • Baseball vs interlock vs overlap grip
  • The V in your thumb and index finger for each hand

Start off gripping the club with just your left hand (lead hand).

Your club’s grip should sit lower in your left hand, towards the bottom of your fingers and not so high up the palm. This allows your wrists to hinge easier and gives you more flexibility to square the face at impact.

Next, focus on the V of this same hand (space between your thumb and index finger). It should point up almost vertically towards your chin.

Once your lead hand is set, bring your trail hand from underneath the club so it doesn’t end up too much on top of the club. You’ll notice in the image below, Tiger’s hand sits more underneath the club so his palm faces sideways and slightly upwards.

This also puts his trail hand’s V into the proper position of pointing towards his back shoulder, indicating a stronger grip. If you find that your V is pointing to your front shoulder, you have a weak grip which will promote a slice.

Take a took at this picture of Tiger Woods. Analyze his right hand’s V pointing to his right shoulder. His stronger grip set up will help close the face at impact and draw the golf ball.

Once your hands are set on the golf club, the final factor to consider is how connected are your hands and what feels most comfortable for you. We’re often told that we must interlock our hands with the pinky and index finger, but this isn’t true. You don’t need an interlocking grip to be successful at golf.

In fact, it’s recommended that beginners start with the 10 finger baseball grip where your hands simply butt against each other rather than interlocking or overlapping fingers.

Only later when you feel comfortable should you move to an interlocking or overlapping grip if you think it will benefit you. It’s a more advanced grip so instead start out with the baseball grip for maximum feel and control of the club face until you dial in your swing and are ready to upgrade.

That’s it my friend! Following the above 3 tips regarding your golf grip to help you smash more accurate drives down the fairway.

To quickly recap:

If you’re slicing, it could be a result of your hand sitting too much on top of the club with your palm facing more downwards. Adjust it more underneath the club so that the V is pointing towards your back shoulder.

Make sure the club sits lower in the lead hand as you wrap your hand around it. This will give you more flexibility and control during the swing. If it sit’s too high up the palm, your hands and wrist set will feel restricted and stiff.

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