I learned so much in just one lesson! Daniel is super knowledgeable and a great instructor, yet keeps it fun!

Cara S.

Took my first lesson today with Dan. Prior to my lesson, I told Dan my goal was to break into the 80s. After Dan watched me hit balls, he showed me on video that my back needed to be straighter and that my irons needed to be on a flatter swing plane. He showed me how to straighten my posture. He then took me through several drills to help me flatten my swing and to come in to out with my swing. I also asked for an easy pre-shot routine to make my set-up more consistent. He gave me an easy set-up routine. Later that day I played 9 holes and shot a legit 44. I worked on my posture and pre-shot routine, which helped me hit the ball much better and more consistent. Very happy with my lesson and golf results. I will now work on the swing plane drills in order to try to create that muscle memory.


Wow! My golf swing is transforming! From my very first lesson, my hits are going straighter and farther. I've had three lessons so far and Daniel has been able to make tweaks to what I came to him with. Also, my own practice sessions at home and at the range are now more productive with drills and purpose. Being an IMAGEN customer also has it benefits with opportunities to connect w other golfers. I'm looking forward to the upcoming league!

Marlene Q.

My first lesson with Daniel was extremely valuable. I have not been able to play much golf over the past several years, and he was able to really reset me and provide me tools and techniques to improve my game. I am excited to continue with Imagen Golf.

Chris S.

Daniel has been a huge help in improving my golf game. In just a few lessons I have improved greatly on the course and now once again enjoy playing the game that I have loved for years.

Ken K.

Long story short. After 2 hip replacements, my golf game never came back. Ready to throw out the clubs, 1 visit with Dan and I was striking the ball just as well if not better than ever. Dan's insistence on working with what I have left has put me on track to enjoy the game again. Wasn't even out of the parking lot before I booked my next lesson.

Jim E.

We started taking lessons with Daniel a few weeks ago, he is an excellent and fun teacher, we come out of every every lesson better than the last. We highly recommended!

Jacquelyn O.

I've easily watched over 30 hours of YouTube to correct my hitting. I was constantly slicing. I told him, "With a slice like this one, I should work at the pizza shop!" Sooo annoying. He helped me to relax, get busy and improved upon whatever I already had going on. Technically I'm disabled with drop-foot, had several abdominal surgeries and a weak right hip. These details are important because I had no real hope, however..... after seeing the transformation that my nameless friend gained lol, I knew I had to meet with this guy. If he could fix that, I knew I needed to get over there! Let's just say after one lesson, I'm now hitting the ball with my 7 iron about 180+yds fairly straight. I was never able to use my driver without slicing and today the ball was straight and all the way to the fence! I'll be signing up for a class next week. Thanks a million Dan!!

Valdez B.

As a new golfer, Daniel has been an incredible teacher and guide. For any level of player, you can't ask for a better experience. I would recommend Daniel and Imagen to any new or seasoned golfer trying to work on their game. Very professional, easy to talk to and I saw an improvement immediately.

Dan B.

Just had a "short game" lesson with Dan that has immediately improved my game! Took 9 strokes off my 9 hole round tonight. His instructions are simple and so effective!! I can chose the right club for the desired shot with confidence. Thank you Dan!!!!!

Karen C.

Within 20 minutes of my first lesson with Daniel he had me hitting the ball straight consistently with very easy drills. He explained how the drills work an why they work in a way I could understand! I can't wait for my next lesson.

Pete M.

My wife and I had a great experience with our lessons. My wife and I were both beginner golfers and Dan got us up and running with very specific and easy to learn lessons. Dan was very patient and professional as he gave us valuable tips on how to correct our mistakes. My wife and I highly recommend using Dan for your golf lessons.

Robert Z.

I am already referring a friend and will be referring more once they see the improvement in my game and inquire. Great job Dan. Appreciate it.

Robert D.

Daniel is an excellent teacher! I've learned more from him in a few lessons than I have from all previous lessons combined! Highly recommend him for beginners and those looking to fine tune their game.

Stuart B.

Dan is a fantastic teacher, he's been working with my grandson for the last couple of months and my grandson is really hitting the ball great.

Michael G.

Daniel is an excellent instructor. Both my fiancé and I are first time golfers and definitely learned a lot. We will be taking lessons again with Daniel.


Dan has been great to work with. Within 10 minutes of my first lesson, with a couple minor changes, I was already hitting the ball better and more consistently. He works with what you have, but challenges you through repeatable drills you can practice easily on your own. I look forward to improving my game with his guidance!

Paul H.

Dan's process works well for me. I am not overloaded with too many swing thoughts. The drills he shows seem to accomplish the needed corrections without overthinking.

George M.

My son has been taking golf lessons with Dan, great instructor, very easy to work with. My son really enjoys the lessons and have learned a lot from him.

Ann D.

My daughter enjoyed her lesson with Daniel very much! He was extremely patient with a beginner and relaxed and easy to talk to.

Rochelle M.

Just starting to learn and Daniel has been great. He is patient, engaged, provides clear direction and provides skills to practice between lessons. I generally have lots of questions and he never hesitates to provide answers that are relative to my experience. Really looking forward to additional lessons and improving my game!

Amanda B.

Dan's amazing. Relaxed approach. Outcomes based. Takes what you do well and amplifies it. Looking forward to my next lesson. Will probably recommend that my wife go to him as well and she's never played before. Think he could teach anyone how to swing consistently.

Michael H.

Taking lessons with Dan has made me such a better golfer within months. Pinpoints everything in detail to get you to swing correctly/accurately. Best money I ever spent!!!

Ryan M.

Absolutely amazing how much improvement I saw after only one lesson! Worth every penny! I definitely plan on taking some more lessons.

Matthew B.

I really enjoy working with Daniel. Not only is he a great coach, he helps build confidence. Throughout the lesson he gives little tweaks to the swing and posture that make an immediate difference. He assigns different drills to help with training the body to get the swing the right way. I would recommend Daniel to anyone looking to learn or improve their swing!

Caroline H.

Daniel is an amazing coach! He is patient and attentive, with an incredible ability to give the right cues at the right time without overwhelming the athlete. In just a few lessons, his instruction has given me great understanding and confidence to continue to improve!

Bernadette C.

Had my first lesson today, I could see an improvement already.... with the drill I was given, the ball was going where I wanted it to consistently.. looking forward to my next lesson. Just got done my last lesson, what an amazing difference. Dan is an awesome teacher.... will come back if I need more.

Robert J.

Daniel is an EXCELLENT instructor. I actually feel like I know what a golf swing should feel like now! He is patient, and his communication skills are excellent. In 60 minutes he was able to clearly communicate what I needed to work on and gave me easy to replicate drills I can use at the range. HIGHLY recommend.

Lu R.

Dan has greatly helped my golf game! His 1 on 1 lessons have improved my stance, swing, and understanding of the game. He has also assisted me in finding affordable, high quality clubs through his connections.

Danny B.

Daniel is an awesome instructor. Two lessons in and I'm seeing a positive difference in my game. I appreciate his approach to teaching. He's not in this to give you a perfect PGA swing. He takes what you have and helps you build YOUR best game from it. I'm going to continue to take lessons from him and would highly recommend anybody considering lessons to check out Imagen Golf.

Jared S.

With Daniel's instruction, I now feel like I can become a consistently good golfer. Now understanding my golf swing and why I need to do certain things. I look forward to my lessons.

Ricardo H.

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