Stop Putter Divorces This Year!

You Deserve A True Putter Fitting

You go into a golf store, pick up a putter that “feels” good, hit a few putts on a small putting green and like the way the putter swings, and decide this putter is the one for you. Is this the best way to create a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with a putter?

Your Putter Should Be Good To You

From this day forward, start your new putter relationship with a True Putter Fitting. In a True Putter Fitting, your goal is to be fit for a putter that:

  • Has an appropriate Length and Lie Angle so that you can comfortably set up for your putts with your eyes directly over the ball or just inside of the ball at address.
  • You can aim inside the hole from a minimum of 6 feet away. Few people realize that individual golfers “react” differently to various putter styles in terms of Aim. Edel Golf has found that more than 80% of golfers cannot accurately aim their present putter at the hole from 6 feet away. Find a custom putter fitter who can test your putter aim with a Laser.
  • Has a Weight and Weight Distribution that allows you to control Speed with a Smooth Stroke. Be tested for Speed Control by hitting putts of about 12 to 15 feet, and then find the total putter weight and weight feel that gives you consistent Speed Control.
  • Has a Putter Loft that will allow you – with your stroke – to roll the ball with Topspin. In the past it was believed that “standard” putter lofts should be 4 degrees. However, recent testing shows that for most golfers 2 to 3 degrees of Loft is best to create putting topspin.
  • Has a Face Balance design that fits your personal putting stroke. Face-balanced putters tend to be better for golfers with less putter-head rotation in their strokes, putters with toe hang tend to be better for golfers with more rotation. Be tested with putters having both types of balance.

Don’t Break That Bond

Your custom fit putter will be one you can aim well, will allow you to control the speed on all of your putts, and will feel good to putt with. This is a good start – but THAT IS NOT ALL. Zach Johnson, one of the stars on the PGA Tour, has used the same putter for 12 years – and has also used the same practice drills to continually improve his putting during that time. If you stick with a putter that fits you and you are confident with and find some practice drills you can perform to continually improve your putting – who knows how much you can improve!
No more putter “one night stands” for you!

The Situation:
You do not understand the true benefits of custom putter fitting for your golf game.

The Solution:

  • Learn and understand the benefits of being custom fit for your next putter.
  • Find a custom putter fitter who will fit you into a putter that has the right length, lie angle, loft, weight distribution, and face-balanced design – to allow you to create perfect aim and speed control in your putting stroke.
  • Stick with that putter, and practice to continually improve your putting results and putting confidence.

By Imagen Golf - Golf Better Guaranteed

Since 2012, Imagen Golf has become one of the fastest-growing providers of golf lessons, premium club fitting, and golf equipment. Operating in more than eight locations across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We pride ourselves on helping people get the golf game they've always imagined. Working with what the student has, we're able to get students to a consistent, repeatable swing that produces results dropping an average of eight strokes from their scorecards. Our coaches leverage leading-edge technology for a fact-based approach to instruction, practice, and club fitting. Imagen's leadership position in golf improvement is augmented by utilizing V1 Video analysis.

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