Frequently Asked Questions

You can find Daniel's in person availability, pricing and book a lesson directly though the button below.

What's the difference between skill training & technique training?

Skill training uses a certain, defined set of drills to get a repeatable result, technique training involves trying to replicate a certain outcome or technique.

What is the 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee?

Just what it says, if you're not happy with any of our lessons, you don't pay, period.

How do I send in my swing for Daniel to analyze?

Simply video your swing from down the line, (behind you) and from face on. Email the videos to Daniel @

Do you offer package or bulk discounts on lessons?


Do swing training aids really work?

Some definitely do while most do not, see our list of endorsed training aids that are guaranteed to help.

Can I speak directly with Daniel to discuss my swing and my game before committing to lessons?

Of course, call Daniel @ 215-595-6299, he returns all calls within 24 hrs.

Does "The PAR Protocol" really work?

Yes, by implementing the appropriate Drill Protocol you can work through your swing challenges, simply, effectively and completely.