Here's Today's Tip... Set Up For Success.

One of the hardest parts of playing good golf is making the right choices and managing your way around the course.  Sharp course management skills are one of the main factors that separate the level of golfer you are now and the golfer you want to be.

When most golfers walk onto the tee box of a short Par 4 their first instinct is to reach for their driver and blast their ball as far as they can - hoping to drive the green.

But hey, let’s be honest.

That type of thinking is exactly what gets us in trouble and causes those big numbers to show up on our scorecards!

Instead of mindlessly grabbing your driver and whacking away on those short par 4’s keep these tips in mind and set yourself up for success.

Think ahead.  Short par 4’s are often designed to be deceptively difficult, so it’s important to evaluate the entire hole before teeing off.  Things like the angle of your approach shot and the depth of the green can make a big difference in the number that ends up on your scorecard after you hole out.

Take double bogey out of play.  If you’re extremely confident you can hit it up the middle with your driver and get it close to the green, be my guest.  For the rest of us it can be a much better idea to grab a fairway wood or hybrid club and play it safe - taking a big number like a double bogey out of play.

Leave yourself a full shot.  When you’re standing on the tee box of a short par 4 don’t pick your club at random.  Instead take a close look at the yardage of the hole and determine what club you need to hit to leave yourself a comfortable full approach shot into the green with a favorite club.

While these tips may seem simple it’s amazing how many golfers completely disregard them, and ultimately pay the price.  Making the smart decision isn’t always easy, but hey that’s part of playing the game!

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Daniel is the Head of Golf Instruction at IMAGEN Golf and Best Selling Author of "Unleash The Golfer Within".