Here's Today's Tip... Your Drive

There’s no better feeling than blasting a solid tee shot down the middle of the fairway and watching it soar towards your target, land softly, and roll out into a perfect position for your approach shot.

The problem most golfers have is that they just can’t do this with consistency. One drive is down the middle, the next veers off the right into the woods, and the next hooks left into the pond.

Tour players, on the other hand, are able to stripe it down the middle almost every single time they step onto the tee box.

So…what are they doing differently?

Maintaining Balance. When you watch a tour player tee off they are able to hold their finish while they watch their ball fly through the air. This isn’t just for show. It demonstrates how well balanced they are through their swing. Amateur golfers, on the other hand, are typically unable to hold their finish for very long after hitting a drive - falling forward, back, or sideways.

To work on your balance try this drill next time you’re at the range. Keep your back foot on the turf for as long as you can through your practice swings - only letting it come up when it is pulled forward by the rotation of your body (just don’t forget to shift your weight to your front foot through impact.

Using a Driver that Fits Their Game (even on off days). When picking out a driver most golfers simply select the one they are able to hit the farthest. While distance is important you’ll be better off choosing a forgiving driver you can hit consistently even when they are having an off day. This may mean a driver with higher loft or a softer flex for many players.

Put these two tips into play on the tee box and you’ll be much more likely to bomb one down the middle like a real tour player!

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Daniel is the Head of Golf Instruction at IMAGEN Golf and Best Selling Author of "Unleash The Golfer Within".