Here's Today's Tip... Wind Directions.

Today let's talk about how to manage your game in windy conditions...

When you're on the course and you feel the breeze begin to pickup one of the most important things to do is evaluate the direction it's blowing.

Throwing a few blades of grass up in the air is a good place to start, but to get an even more accurate idea of how it will affect your shot look up to the tree tops. This will help you evaluate how your ball will be affected as it flies through the air toward the target.

Once you determine the direction the breeze is blowing follow these simple tips to keep your game on track...

When the wind is at your back: A strong wind at your back can add big bonus yards to your shots, but be careful. It's easy to get excited and swing out of your shoes when you feel the wind at your back so remember to keep it under control.

When the wind is in your face: When you feel a breeze blowing directly into your face it's important to keep the ball low. To do this grab an extra club or two, choke down, move the ball back in your stance, and make a controlled 3/4 swing. This will keep your launch angle down and reduce the amount of spin on the ball - effectively decreasing it's lift and the impact the wind will have on it.

When the wind is side to side: This is another situation when it's important to keep the ball low and minimize the effect the wind has on your shot. Take an extra club, move the ball back in your stance, and make a controlled 3/4 swing. Even with a low ball flight you might need to adjust your aim to account for the wind - just don't aim in a place where a straight shot will get you in trouble in case the wind dies down in your back swing!

It's always a good idea to play conservatively when the wind is blowing - no matter which direction it's coming from. Bad weather has a tendency to magnify any mistakes that you make so just remember what my grand pappy used to say, "When it's breezy you've got to swing easy."

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