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Here's Today's Tip... Wind Directions.

Today let's talk about how to manage your game in windy conditions... When you're on the course and you feel the breeze begin to pickup one of the most important things to do is evaluate the direction it's blowing. Throwing a few blades...

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Here is This Week's Tip... Your Wedges

Few weekend golfers practice hitting wedges at less than full distances, but you face those shots all the time on the course. Pick three awkward distances — 30, 50 and 70 yards… and then hit five balls at each target. Give yourself a...

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Should You Detach Your Left Heel On Your Backswing?

Does Keeping Your Front Heel Down Help or Hurt? A popular question I get all the time for a right-handed golfer is whether the left heel should detach or stay grounded at the top of the backswing. My response? Both scenarios are OK as long as it is...

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